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Simple, fast and safe...

Easy and quick

Managing your Minecraft servers, domains or websites should be easy, that"s why we offer the most used software in the world to keep it easy. Manage your Minecraft servers with Multicraft, because of our own "dark" theme, working in the evening or night is also very nice. Domains and websites can be managed via cPanel.

Clear and organized

As a customer it is important that you know where you stand, so we ensure that we get a clear overview of your invoices.

You can manage your invoices via the customer panel. Pay, renew or cancel a service, simply via the customer panel whenever you want.

Always and everywhere direct contact

We try to respond within 10 minutes. We can do this so quickly, because we offer free Live Support through our website. In addition, there are enough communication options to reach us. This can be done via Discord, Twitter or via e-mail.

So do you have a question? Please ask right away!

Safe and protected

Safe and protected means that we want to be sure that all data is stored properly and securely. By this we mean that malicious persons cannot access data from our customers. In addition, we know how annoying DDoS attacks are, which is why we offer a protected network. This protected network can stop 99% of all DDoS attacks!

Flexible service

At XinsHosting we are flexible. In other words, does your service expire today, but can you only renew it the next day? No problem! Your service will then remain active.

Worried that your Minecraft server or Website is not powerful enough for the general public? Then don"t worry. At XinsHosting you can upgrade your service to another desired package within minutes.

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